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About Us

It all started with the opening of a shoe store close to Sarajevo airport in 2003. The shop, offering outlet shoes for women, men and kids at very affordable prices, met a real enthusiasm from people living nearby. People could buy quality shoes at cheap prices, and the word of mouth spread driving an increasing number of customers to the shop.

A 2nd, then a 3rd shop opened in Sarajevo. Soon garments for the whole family were introduced, followed by accessories. Driven by demand, the company started opening shops in new towns at a regular pace, with a few new stores every year.

Today AZEL doo has an extended selling network of more than 80 shops spread across Bosnia-Herzegovina, and is the domestic leader in the retail business of fashion outlets.

Moda pripada svima

Our idea was to offer fashion products within the reach of people. In a country where it was hard to find fashionable garments, we wanted to offer the best possible clothing in both quality and style, at the cheapest possible price, and with only first-hand products.
We believe fashion fully contributes to people well being, beauty and confidence, and we are happy to help improving daily life at our level.

Our teams are made of dedicated people, who do their best to make our motto ‘moda pripada svima’ happen : from the product selection, to the packing and dispatch of goods, until the product display and advice on the shop floor. We do our business in a professional and trustworthy way, and we support the local economy whenever possible. We see fashion as being lively, optimistic and cheerful.