AzelFrance | How To Wear a Bolero?

How To Wear a Bolero?

Boleros are short and don’t go past the waist. They slip over your shoulders to provide additional coverage, either to hide a strapless or strappy dress on a formal occasion, or help you keep warm when the temperature gets chilly. It can also be worn to add a stylish dimension to an outfit. Boleros can be found in all styles, colors, or fabrics. If you are tall and slim, you can wear it with a pantacourt and flat shoes, or with a long fluid skirt with platform shoes. If you are smaller, then it is best associated with a short trapeze dress and small boots. For an unusual look, you can try a false fur bolero with a pair of leggings. And for a party, wear a bolero on top of your classic little black dress: it will give it a totally different look! Boleros are flexible and help you make a stylish statement.